Hehee..beli sgt byk barang (x byk mane pun). Total abis dalam rm150 gak. 5 chocs + 5 kain pelikat + 2 batik + 1 silk. Kalau kat semenanjung mau x dapat dgn harge rm150 tu. Keke. Tu yang bestnye dok kat Labuan. Tempah baju untuk jahit pun rm25 je, semenanjung?. Aku pun xtau. Well, kitorg kuar dlm kul 12.00 pm lebih and balik around 6.00 pm. Kejap je, cume berjalan tu je yang wat penat. Lepak kedai kek Delihan beli kek besday sape entah. Tapi mmg sedap ar kek kat kedai tu and murah..kot. Then beli cream and custard puff..rm0.70 satu..tapi besar la..best2!. Cume yang x best..chocoball xde..huhu T_T. Pastu kitorg gerak ke area pasar..beli mangga muda..Amyrei mengidam..beli batik, kain pelikat (both dpt kurang dr RM21.00 to RM10.00) and silk untuk Happy Mothers Day. Before balik kitorg lepak makan kat kedai ustaz kat Ujana Kewangan and beli chocs yang cuma berharga rm8.50 je kat Labuan..kat semenanjung rm15 kot.


Silk..murah je..org pggl kain siang malam..xtau aku ~

Nak dijadikan cite, 3 kali aku makan kat kedai ustaz tu, 3 kali aku sakit perut..tapi asam pedas dia mmg best..sakit perut pun lantakla..huhu. Pastu kitorg balik naik Suzuki Solio otai..Suzuki Solio xde kat semenanjung kot..kat Labuan je. Keke. Sampai je UMSKAL, masing2 dah exhausted. Dahla bdk2 HC12 ada dinner malam kang, meraban la nak siap. Malam nie nak lepak podium untuk kali terakhir sambil tgk sindarella and makan kek. Nanti post gambar kek. Hee..~


I suggest evogates. Very fast and trust able service. But make sure to screencapt every success transaction for proof , confirmation and security purpose. I’ve just got my fund transferred into my CIMB account less than 24 hours. Actually that’s my remaining forex capital that i withdraw into my e-bullion before liquidate it at evogates. Try it. ~

The future?~

May 7, 2008

So, what will happen for another 5 years and above?. Everyone did think about their future at least once in their lifetime. Me a lot. Everyday i will think what will gonna happen to me and my life next year?, 5 years?, 10 years?. after graduate?. With my crappy degree and CGPA not even touch dean list, what kind of job that i can get?. Does the salary enough for me?. Can i buy everything that i wanted to buy?. Can i support my family?. So, i came up with one big-gamble-risk plan to answer all the curiosities and worries.

Here the plan, after i graduate this August 2008, i will either continue work at my L.I company or find other jobs. I hope i can get any jobs that relate with graphic design and web development as well as computer hardware and IT management. The salary is not a big problem here, RM1k to RM2k permonth is enough i think (meggi beb meggi). Lagipun still single lagi mase tu. haha..

Then, i will start collecting money for my forex account. Maybe a few months after i get permanent job, i will start my forex back. Minimum USD100 to USD200 permonth from my forex trading is my target. After a certain level or capital, i will put permonth income higher. It will continue like that until i get rich. The real problem here is, how im gonna split my time between work, forex and my life routine. It depends on my work schedule. Since forex is 24 hours, that mean i still can trade forex after work. But, maybe i will do some part time to gain extra income which is will causes me to sleep around 2 to 4 hours per day and of course, no forex tarding for that day. The question is, which one is important?. Part time job or forex trading?. Honestly i vote for forex trading. Thats all. Will it become reality or just my dream for me to keep dream on. We will see. God will decide. Me just redha and follow. Phew ~

Exam over, FX hold ~

May 7, 2008

Yea, the exam is over, and its time to enjoy before we say goodbye to our beloved friends and UMS-KAL. We had so much fun together for the last 2 weeks before we go back to East Malaysia. We had BBQ twice, beaching, chill and DoTA. We will never forget our joy and sorrow that we shared for 3 years. It was sad~. As for me and Amyrei, UMS-KAL is the greatest memories we ever had because we know each other when we both in 2nd year and declare our eternal relationship.

I’ll go back to Semenanjung on 9th May 2008 with my beloved Amyrei and stay at her house until 11th May. In the mean time, i’ll postpone my FX because of L.I and looking forward to continue it after i have permanent job and capital at least usd1k. Good luck to me ~

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If the scheme has the following criteria, ignore it :

  • Use e-point – some..not all maybe.
  • HYIP – for sure.
  • Said they involve with forex trading, reseller for some product or oil barrel – liar.
  • Check the Alexa ranking, if percentage visitor from Malaysia or Indonesia among the highest – confirm.
  • The design – just look at the design, u can detect whether it is for temporary or not.
  • Check the whois and registered domain – if from Malaysia or different from company address, ignore.

Hope this guide can help. If you really have a bucket of money to invest, try Unit Trust. Its better. Or you can try Forex, but risky with high return.

Tumblr ~

April 27, 2008

Playing around with Tumblr. Come visit mine at Q’ Tumblr. Lazy and quick update will go there. Its better than Pownce and Twitter IMO.