There are a few methods that you can follow if you want to download video from Youtube. But if u have Adobe AIR installed in your PC, maybe you can try AIRTube. AIRTube is an application that enable you to download the video from Youtube. Just make sure Adobe AIR installed in your PC, copy the video URL into AIRTube, then click down arrow. The video will be saved on your desktop. Thats default. If you don’t have Adobe AIR and wanna give it a try, follow the steps below.

First, download and install Adobe AIR – 11MB. Then, download AIRTube and install it. Run AIRTube, open the video. Copy URL and paste it into AIRTube. Download. Wait and watch.

The pros :

  • Easy and simple
  • Fast download rate for certain people

The cons :

  • Dont have many option e.g : download location
  • Slow download rate for certain people

Alternatively you can use mozilla extension like DownloadHelper and IDM, or any other applications that available ATM.


Paste the URL and hit arrow button

Download in progress

Done – it will autoplay


Exam sucks ~

April 26, 2008

exam suck

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Its exam. I hate exam. Exam sucks. Worst when it mix with quarrel and ^&*Y&^&^(y09(. I hate exam. I can’t chill. I need to study. I can’t surf. I can’t DotA. I can’t do whatever i wanted to do. Well, exam just sucks. Period. ~

I want to make something to change my life, to fulfill my dreams and to get what i want. So, please come again this blog around 5 month from now. I hope i can make it into reality. Best of luck to me ~