Exam over, FX hold ~

May 7, 2008

Yea, the exam is over, and its time to enjoy before we say goodbye to our beloved friends and UMS-KAL. We had so much fun together for the last 2 weeks before we go back to East Malaysia. We had BBQ twice, beaching, chill and DoTA. We will never forget our joy and sorrow that we shared for 3 years. It was sad~. As for me and Amyrei, UMS-KAL is the greatest memories we ever had because we know each other when we both in 2nd year and declare our eternal relationship.

I’ll go back to Semenanjung on 9th May 2008 with my beloved Amyrei and stay at her house until 11th May. In the mean time, i’ll postpone my FX because of L.I and looking forward to continue it after i have permanent job and capital at least usd1k. Good luck to me ~