Just help CG.com and BNM spread the warns. Malaysian, please beware with new get-rich-fast scheme. You can get more info at CG and BNM. Read and please be cautious. How to identify the get-rich-fast scheme?. Read the guide.

If the scheme has the following criteria, ignore it :

  • Use e-point – some..not all maybe.
  • HYIP – for sure.
  • Said they involve with forex trading, reseller for some product or oil barrel – liar.
  • Check the Alexa ranking, if percentage visitor from Malaysia or Indonesia among the highest – confirm.
  • The design – just look at the design, u can detect whether it is for temporary or not.
  • Check the whois and registered domain – if from Malaysia or different from company address, ignore.

Hope this guide can help. If you really have a bucket of money to invest, try Unit Trust. Its better. Or you can try Forex, but risky with high return.